Book Review – The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Runes: Your Complete Guide to the Divination Power of Runes by Judy Ann Nock

Book Review
The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Runes: Your Complete Guide to the Divination Power of Runes
by Judy Ann Nock
Publisher: Adams Media
254 Pages
Publication Date: 2022



Recently I was participating in a class that briefly taught about runes. Being the person that I am, I went out and purchased a set of runes. I got a book and I learned all about runes…or so I thought. The Modern Witchcraft Book of Runes taught me so much more than I had learned in class, from my rune book or from the internet.

First, this book is well-written and enjoyable to read. Second, is the organization of topics. The book topics are overview, consulting and attuning, magic, and creation. Each part is further broken down into chapters. The table of contents is organized so that you could go directly to the area you wish to learn without having to read or peruse the entire book. As the reader, this is a bonus because this format allows for quick reference and review.

In reading this book, you will learn that there is so much more to runes than just forecasting the future. I myself did not know that there are runes other than the Futhark Runes. In my prior studies, I only Iearned of the Futhark history, symbolism and meaning. This book introduces the reader to Witch Runes and Ogham Runes.

Other areas of learning include ways to discover what type of runes resonate with you, how to incorporate the runes into your magic, how to attune with the runes and how to make runes using your own medium, symbols and personal magic. There are diagrams of rune symbols, modern letter equivalents and definitions which help bring learning into practice.

Because of the depth of information contained in this book, I wish I had known about this book when I started my rune journey. If you are a beginner to runes, this is the book I recommend that you start with. It is also a book you will keep in your reference library for years to come.

Judy Ann Nock has authored six books on witchcraft. She is a popular musician in the Hoboken supergroup Psych-O-Positive, a metalsmith, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, a member of Mensa, and has appeared in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, The Guardian, Refinery29, and The Village Voice. She lives with her daughter and her cat in New York City. Her author page can be found at


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