Jade Reviews The Healing Lamp From Conscious Items

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Store: Conscious Items

Product: The Healing Lamp

Retail Price: $49.99


Conscious Items sent us their “Healing Lamp” to review. It is absolutely adorable. They have a wonderful description of the item on their site that includes a very extensive list of Clear Quartz properties. I think this stone is probably the best choice for a lamp, as it helps and heals with so many different things. Because the stone is not permanently attached to the lamp, it does offer the option of changing out the crystals if you wanted to focus on one thing specifically, which I think was smart. With the use of Clear Quartz however, you do not have to change it, so it can be a constant tool for you to use.

The Clear Quartz that was sent was gorgeous. It was cut into a perfect point and had beautiful prisms and clusters within it. I personally like the “imperfect crystals”. This was a brilliant piece. The wooden base was nice and the USB cord can plug into your computer or most phone chargers. I think the piece overall is a nice size, and it will look very nice displayed just about anywhere.

Conscious Items suggested some ways you could utilize it; it is not meant to be just a night light. They go into detail on its many uses, such as clearing negative energy, healing while you sleep, and chakra work. They also suggested some instruction in using it to manifest things you need to achieve. I think it would be a great focal point for meditation.

When the lamp is on, it shines beautifully and gives the room a nice warm glow, and the energy is really soothing and positive. In my opinion, it is too bright a night light, and too dim to read by (depending on your space), so if you are looking for it for those purposes, it might not be what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to use this for energy work, healing, and magickal practices, I think it has many positive attributes. My only “negative” critique is the price tag. I just feel like $49.99 plus shipping is a bit much for the product, which is a light up base and a free-standing crystal point, but that is just my opinion. It really is very pretty, and it is a unique idea.


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