Book Review – Curse and Cure: Magic for Real Life by Sabrina Scott

Book Review

Curse and Cure:
Magic for Real Life

by Sabrina Scott

Publisher: Self-published

240 Pages

Release Date: September 6, 2022



Curse and Cure can be described as:

“Written in the non-denominational and no bullshit, academic yet wildly approachable style Sabrina Scott is known for, this book will teach you all you need to know about getting started as a witch – all without any pushiness, gender essentialism, spiritual bypassing, and the idea that your practice needs to look like anyone else’s. From in-depth musings on cultural background and different types of ancestors, to extensive teachings on energy work, magical timing, and ritual, to reminders about magical ethics, expertise, and what it means to be a discerning witch online, Curse and Cure is an indispensable magical guide for the discerning, smart witch making their way in today’s scientific and spiritual world.

Whether you’ve been dabbling in witchy spaces for a few decades, or just bought your first sticks of incense yesterday, your practice will be both solidified and transformed by the teachings in this book.” (From

The author has a distinctive voice. She goes from chatting to you as if over a cup of tea to the academic voice of describing and teaching. This is only mentioned for those that prefer a consistent voice in their reading materials.

When Ms. Scott is explaining and teaching, which is heavily done in chapter two’s topic of energy work, it is clear and to the point. A great starting point for those beginning to pursue and understand energy work. Her descriptions will allow you a point for further exploration and research.

I appreciate that she makes a point that this is about learning who you are and where you are in your life. Not simply focused on where you are going. This further leads to discussion on the spiritual relationships that you will cultivate along this path.

The author makes it clear that she has been in and out of public community for several decades. With this she has not always had the best experiences. I applaud her for cautioning others on what does not feel right and to be careful in their spiritual relationships as they would be in others. However, I do not want any beginner to think that community is abundantly negative. The pagan community is like any other group of humans. Please use your discretion in relationships and find the group that is healthy and supportive for you. We are all people doing our best and our beliefs and practices make us no better or worse than any other groups of humans.


About the Author:

Sabrina Scott is a globally recognized professional witch and spiritual teacher with more than 20 years of experience, 200+ students, and clientele worldwide. She has been profiled by Vice, Broadly, Refinery29, Yahoo, Witches Magazine, Sabat Magazine, Clin d’oeil Magazine, Ghosts Magazine, and more. She is an artist, writer, and speaker.

Sabrina is known for her sassy, iconoclastic, no bullshit style of spiritual teaching on topics as diverse as witchcraft, magic, tarot, divination, energy work, animism, mediumship, environmental spirituality, manifestation, affirmations, and the power of feminine energy. She offers bespoke mentorship services in creativity, spirituality, magic, tarot, business, and personal transformation.

Her purpose is to inspire others to claim their magic and radically transform their lives, and she leads by example. Sabrina has overcome some of the darkest experiences life has to offer, and by sharing her experience and process, she aims to inspire and teach others to do the same – to find their own magic, and change their life.

She is the creator of graphic novel Witchbody, which was nominated for the biggest comics award series in Canada. Witchbody has received praise from environmental philosopher Timothy Morton, comics journalist Joe Sacco, tarot gurus Rachel Pollack and Michelle Tea, and acclaimed witch Judika Illes.

Curse and Cure is Sabrina’s second book.


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About the Author:

Irisa MacKenzie can be found on Instagram at SassyVikingMama honestly discussing life, motherhood, meditation, and mindfulness. Her current focus is incorporating farm to table and nature to nurture into her spirituality, business, and daily life. Viking Woman Creations is a woman-owned business that began with creations to nurture your soul, but has also become women artists supporting each other. Viking Woman Creations can be found on Instagram and Facebook, along with our show schedule.