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Communing with the Essence

Cellular Communication —


Our sensitivity provides us with a great gift. A gift of incredible sight that far exceeds our eyes. We see through our flesh, auric field, and biological, ancestral, and spiritual connection to the universal field of consciousness. In this web of Life there is infinite intelligence and we as humans are inherently plugged in. It’s through our biological birthright that our sensitivity gets restored and we find our rightful place as living Beings with our planet Earth, Galactic Milky Way, and beyond. Like a seed, it is my understanding that we grow deep into the Dark Rich Soil of the Earth to grow above and beyond into the Cosmic Sky of Infinite Creation. As below, so above, as within, so without. The ripple of embodied Soul growth expands far and wide.

We hear a lot about embracing our shadow and our light. For me this means we honor both the unconscious and conscious, moon and sun, earth and heavens, within us and within all life forms. For me the darkness is not evil but rather the feminine womb of creation. The light is not holy but rather the masculine illumination of creation. We are made of both and together they support our returning to wholeness. I’m also very aware of the yin and yang, the lies and deception masked in broad daylight as “holy” and the nurturance, safety, and honesty tucked away in the darkness where we must dig deep to uncover the truth. It requires a careful and thoughtful stepping as we navigate this delicate weaving and blending of opposites to find what rings true for each of us without disrespecting what rings true for another. Our sensitivity is like a compass as we navigate our way.



I’d like to take you on a little journey. If it’s safe to do so, close your eyes. Connect to the natural rhythm of your breath and heart rate. Start to feel your body’s aliveness. Natural, easeful, connected, and attentive body intelligence. Your somatic and autonomic nervous system is regulating your voluntary and involuntary functioning for you. There is a whole infinite world of intelligence within every cell of your 30 trillion human cells you are composed of within your body. Each cell is alive and transmitting energy and information. Your heart is sending data to your brain and your brain to your belly and your belly to the rest of your body. With soft, attentive, and flexible observation we can begin to imagine and possibly feel this interplay or exchange of energy within our body. It’s happening all of the time, even while you sleep.

You are a world within worlds as are the Forests, Oceans, Gardens, Soil, and Cosmos. Layers and layers of intelligent life forms receiving and sending data to create Life as we know it. We are estimated to have 30 trillion bacterial cells in addition to those 30 trillion human cells and ten times more virus particles within our human body. We used to think of our organs and cells as being machine-like body parts, not alive with their own intelligence, but alive only because one single life force known as “I” is operating the human body machine. We also believed trees, fungi, water, soil, and stones weren’t alive with their own multi-functioning intelligent cells and life forms. We believed animals had no real intelligence or inherent aliveness other than for food for us to eat. We have come a long way from our Newtonian view of reality and are discovering more and more quantum realities that explore the quantum field, energy medicine, and/or informational medicine of Life as a whole. We are returning to our natural interconnectedness understanding that there are ultimately no inanimate or lifeless “objects” because all “things” on Earth were composed of Earth material, therefore living conscious cells. We also now know cells communicate with one another. If everything comes from Earth and Earth is alive … and everything in the material world of form is vibrating with cells … and these cells communicate, then we have the power to communicate with all of reality and all of reality has the power to communicate with us. Let’s just slowly, gently, and attentively tune into this cellular functioning as a possibility. No fixed ideas or dogmas, just relaxed, open, and receptive curiosity.

Feel your breath and heart beating. Imagine if everything in form stripped away its external cover and instead we could see only the cells vibrating and sending signals. The whole world returned to its cellular nature. What we call ourselves and the air we breathe would blend together and be indistinguishable from one another, so too would the soil, trees, water, stones, mountains, animals, buildings, … you get the picture. All of life would be cells. Now, let’s slowly start to imagine the coverings forming around each cluster of cells making it distinctive to its family of origin again; person, plant, animal, etc. We live in a fascinating intelligent universe, worlds within worlds, and yet we choose to see with only our eyes. What would life be like if we consciously chose to open our perception of reality to cellular intelligence? This is where I’ll leave you to ponder for yourself. When you are ready, slowly, wiggle your toes and fingers, and gently open your eyes. Welcome yourself and your cells back to this time and space, hopefully now seeing from a deeper place.

Our sensitivity enables us to intuit, imagine, feel, empathize. connect, relate, and communicate with one another on deeper and deeper levels. We can have surface level conversations and experiences as well as more intimate relationships. This is the blessing of being alive and having our body of knowledge awake and attentive to its natural world. More and more we as humans are remembering our Earth’s inheritance, our cellular and biological family of origin that far exceeds our fellow human family members. We can get carried away by mental concepts or we can return to our body’s intelligence. Inside every cell our connectivity and conversing awaits its full potential. Cell by cell our relationship with interspecies can restore its homeostasis as we return to our natural way of being sensitively aware of our shared consciousness. Communication thrives in our cellular connection.


Written, recorded, and photographed by Nicole Lynn
FLOE; Facilitating Love On Earth





About the Author:

Nicole Lynn is a Forest Faerie at heart, an Intuitive Counselor, and Soul Writer devoted to the Soul embodiment on the planet. Nicole’s recent voyage has been a 7 year journey with the Fungi Queendom that lead her to making the Mushroom Medicine Oracle deck. As an energetic sensitive Being, Nicole Lynn emphasizes the energetic exchanges of vibrational frequency as being our most potent and powerful form of medicine we can utilize. She is a facilitator of Higher Consciousness Embodiment at FLOE; Facilitating Love On Earth, a business she created back in 2011. She continues to support people in their own Soul embodiment and Divine expression. You can find her here: