Cat Magick Weekly Planner By: Rieka Moonsong

This hardcover book is sturdy and handsome with a silvery elastic to keep it closed and a built in, deep blue, satin ribbon bookmark to indicate where you left off. 18 full-month calendar spreads with no set dates…you you can use it immediately and don’t have wasted space and sheets from past dates. There is plenty of space to write and it it is conveniently sized for carrying in a book bag, briefcase, or purse. The illustrations are a pure delight for any cat lover and the lore and spellwork are well researched and no nonsense. I especially liked the in-depth descriptions of feline energy, elements, planetary companions, and folklore. My two cats have rubbed against it and slept on it…so yay! It has received the cat seal of approval! This would be a good choice for anyone of any skill level and with an affinity for kitties. Five out five cauldrons.