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    Page of Pentacles   (The Page of Pentacles card is from the artist Ciro Marchetti http://www.ciromarchetti.com/)**   Let’s continue our work with the Tarot “Royals” by examining the Page of Pentacles. As always, we will begin by reviewing some basic information. A Tarot deck has 78 cards. There are 22 Major Arcana cards dealing with broader and more far-reaching life experience issues, archetypes that are easy for us to identify with and connect with at some point in our lives. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards that are customarily grouped into four categories or suits that represent the four elements dealing with day-to-day issues. The Court Cards are a part…

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    Rowan Supermoon Tarot Spread

    Hello, Brightest Blessings! I wanted to share February’s Supermoon Tarot Spread Rowan Moon Tarot Spread February’s full moon has several names: ROWAN MOON, ICEMOON, QUICKENING MOON, STORM MOON, HUNGER MOON, SNOW MOON. The moon grows large here in Paris, Idaho. I’ve had the pleasure to do rituals with the Supermoon, in a few key spots here in Paris. I did solitary rituals watching the moon close up with no trees or houses to block the view. I’ve even gone to our local little cemetery, which is on a high hill overlooking the rural city below, such a sight to be hold. SUPERMOON energy is Strong and Very Powerful. This can…

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    Planner Magic

    Planner Dice This month’s Planner Magic is a set of Planner Dice made from your planner stickers. Use your dice to choose a new activity every day, make decisions, and discover your fortune.     *** About the Author: Kristen Allison is a divination junkie, oracle deck creator, & cartomancy instructor. She created Over The Moon Academy to teach art-meets-oracle classes blending divination with her own unique brand of creativity. Academy: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/ Website: https://overthemoonmagic.weebly.com Kristen ~ Over the Moon Oracle Cards Enroll in one of my classes: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/

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    Goddess Brigid Tarot Spread

    BRIGID, BRIGIT, BRIDE. Celtic Goddess of the sacred flame, poetry, healing, smith craft. Triple goddess, we honor her with this tarot spread. She has so much to offer with healing & inspiration to invite within your life. You can use this spread anytime in month of February or whenever to contact The Goddess Brigid Don’t forget to leave her offerings of: blackberries, coins, ale, candlelight, food, baked goods or grass for her cow, as a sign of respect for asking for any of her blessings within your life. This Spread can be used for Tarot, Oracle cards, even crystal readings or Runes as well.     *** About the Author:…

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    Looking for Love Tarot Spread

    In this modern age any tech savvy person can look up dating sites on an app and meet singles close by. I offer this tarot spread for those wanting to have a good look within to see what their heart truly desires in their love life. Everyone is deserving of finding love. Look to the Goddess Aphrodite, or Eros/ Cupid, to help find your special loved one, and maybe your true soulmate. May the Goddess or God Help you find your true Love. Goddess bless.     *** About the Author: Norma Clark I’m Wiccan, My style follows my spiritual path, and what comes to mind.. I live in a…

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    Learning Lenormand Reviews – Titania’s Fortune Cards: 36 Fortune Cards and How to Interpret Them by Titania Hardie

    Learning Lenormand Reviews Titania’s Fortune Cards 36 Fortune Cards and How to Interpret Them by Titania Hardie     When I first opened up Titania’s Fortune Cards and got the cards out of their little cardboard container, my first thought was, “How minimalist.” As I flipped through the cards one by one, I didn’t even notice that they were Lenormand Cards until I got to the Clouds card and finally recognized the pattern of the pictures. There are no numbers on these cards and no words. And there are no playing card inserts. There are only pictures. Really bright, colorful, almost surreal pictures. At first, I thought that this would…