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Simple Spells and Rituals

January, 2013

Candle Magic 101

One of the things that’s most difficult for writing for Pagan Pages is that I’m never sure if I’m talking to mostly beginners, or if everybody is pretty advanced.  As a general rule I try to pick an interesting subject thats good for beginners and gives those of us who have been into it a while a chance to take another look at an old stand by and think “Oh yeah, that was awesome, I should add that back into my arsenal”  I believe candle magic is just that sort of thing.  It’s simple, fun, and you can build on it as your abilities improve.

Candle magic is truly one of the simplest forms of spell casting.  It is a form of “sympathetic” magic and it can be done without a lot of cermonial tools, which is nice  if you want to work this type of magic in the woods, or any where that appeals to you.

It’s basically simple to achieve the desired outcome.  Make sure you pick a candle color that corresponds with your intention, here’s a list to give you some guidance:

Red:  courage, health, sexual love and lust.

Pink:  Friendship and Sweet Love

Orange:  Attraction and encouragment

Gold:  Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections

Yellow: Persuasion and protection

Green:  Financial gain, abundance, fertility

Light blue:  Health, patience, and understanding

Worth noting here is that most pagans find it acceptable to substitute white for any other color as long as you work as much intent into it a you would the color candle.

Now that you have your candle chosen, you will need to oil it and begin charging with all the intent you can work up.  If you want to draw something too you, begin oiling in the middle and draw it towards you, turn the candle around and draw from the center to that end.  If you want to push something away than you would push away from you.  If you wish to incorporate herbs into your candle spell there are several ways to do it.  Once you’ve oiled the candle you can roll it in your herbs.  If you’re using a tea light, you can pull the candle out of the cup and put the herbs down in the cup and then replace the candle.  And finally if your using a votive, dig out a hole, mix your herbs and oil if you wish, pack it back in the hole and put the wax back in. A helpful hint here is slowly add the oil to the herbs, rather than the herbs to the oils as the herbs will float on top.  Even though candle magic is fairly simple, it is also very effective because it’s just you, your intent and energy, and the working of the herbs and the oil into the candle.

Have fun and be ready to be blown away at the intensity that can be found in simplicity!