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Book Review – The Book of Blessings and Rituals: Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space by Athena Perrakis, Ph.D.

Book Review

The Book of Blessings and Rituals: Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space

by Athena Perrakis, Ph.D.

144 pages



This lovely hardback is small but packs a punch, it is colorful, well made, and I loved it!! It’s separated not only by month, but is color coded for a quick flip through.

This book is packed with a various assortment of spells, rituals, blessings and prayers. It includes 25 fantastic projects, averaging at 2 a month, that are easy to follow and understand.

The introduction is down to Earth, and helpful as well as spiritually neutral allowing the reader to insert their beliefs into the rituals.

I really liked and appreciated that the author opened with a heart to heart and where she was located so that her readers could adjust the cycles accordingly. I also loved that she discusses proper ways to open and close when doing energy work and lists several ways to do so, again, leaving room to insert and work in the readers own personal beliefs.

I did feel at times that the author was bit long winded, however for those that are looking for real in-depth rituals, this is for you.

There is use of many different magic’s, from chakra work, to altars, blessing jars, flower and herb work, as well as crystal work. I truly believe this has a little something for everyone. I enjoyed putting some of these to work.

Each chapter begins with an introduction to a month, talks about the significance, the correlating holiday/ sacred days and correlating magic for best use.

The watercolor styled illustrations that are in each new chapter are beautiful as well as soothing and break up the pages in a very aesthetically pleasing way. The projects for the month are fun and thorough, most of the projects are made up of creating an altar and preforming a ritual. I used Septembers Project 16 (page 99) which was a Fall equinox Ritual (Mabon), I used the blessing and invocation on the previous page (page 97) to open, all in all I did feel a nice balance of energies and the ritual in its entirety took me about an hour and a half. For October again I used the Blessing and Invocation with Project 18 which was building an ancestral Altar. I already do an Ancestral altar for Samhain, but I will enjoy adding a more formal Blessing with it and plan to keep that in the future.

Overall, I really think this is a must have, it can be fine-tuned for everyday use, mixing and matching based on your needs. Perhaps this may even be the witch’s pocket book for the year




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