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Book Review – Moon Spell Magic for Love: Charms, Invocations, Passion Potions, and Rituals for Romance by Cerridwen Greenleaf

Book Review

Moon Spell Magic for Love

Charms, Invocations, Passion Potions, and Rituals for Romance

by Cerridwen Greenleaf

190 pages



Books about spell casting are abound for those who practice this art. Here we present another book of spells but for the sole purpose of love. A wonderful book to help bring love into your life or to enhance the love you have.

This book has much to offer. As the book suggests, there are many love offerings; teas to drink, an ink to bind; oils to anoint. If you are seeking rites of love, this book will provide you with rituals for engagements, hand-fasting, divorce, and baby naming among others. Using the suggestions in the book, you could be creative and create your own rite or ritual.

Sometimes spell books will add additional information for the reader to have in one volume. This book does not disappoint when it comes to extra information. In the later part of the book you will find a short section about astrology and capability. There is a listing of each zodiac sign which lists the crystal talismans for that sign. Each sign is divided by the first half and second half of the sign. In addition to the talismans, there is also a list of astrological herbs based on the zodiac signs.

Ritual resources are included in the back of the book. These areas include dates, times, colors, numbers, deities and their domains, herbs of Gods and Goddesses, and the language of flowers.

While this book suggests that it is all about moon spell magic for love, it covers so much more. With the information in this book, it is the perfect resource for spell casting, rituals as well as deities and flowers. The brief information regarding astrology and the zodiac signs, may spark interest in the area of astrology. Overall, this is a book worth having in your library especially for the resources it provides



About the Author:

Tammy Andrews is a beginner in the area of all matters related to Wicca and witchcraft. She is interested in many areas of natural spiritual practice including the use of incense and oils, pendulum divination, oracle cards, and crystals. She is Reiki I certified with plans to obtain further Reiki levels. With her love of learning and reading, she is excited to join PaganPagesOrg as a book reviewer. Tammy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker employed in a community agency that provides counseling and case management services to clients who live with serious mental illnesses and addiction issues. The power of human survival and resilience never ceases to amaze her. She views social work as her passion and life calling. Tammy resides in CT with her husband, who is her greatest supporter, her cat and her dogs. She has enjoyed the opportunity to assist in the nurturing of her step-son to become a prospering young adult.

Tammy and her husband spend many Summer weekends at their cabin in VT where she loves the opportunity to renew her spirit in the peace and solitude of the trees. You can contact Tammy via email at [email protected]