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Book Review – Clearing Spaces: Inspirational Techniques To Clear Your Home by Khi Armand

Book Review

Clearing Spaces

Inspirational Techniques To Clear Your Home

by Khi Armand

128 Pages


When I first picked up this book my initial reaction was how beautiful and vibrant the cover art is; I did the standard flip through, and the pages are sleek, almost like photo paper (not a fan) but it looked like a quick read. Oh boy was I mistaken. It isn’t a quick read but it’s a GREAT read. There is a total of 8 chapters and 128 pages.

The introduction discusses the authors beginnings, talking on folk magic and the authors own Shamanic preferences. The introduction gave a detailed overview of the chapters which helped later when I wanted to go back and re-read information.

Chapter 1 discusses Diagnosing and re-mediating space, an overview of Shamanism, folk healing, & folk curing. It was eye opening as I identify with some of these.

Chapter 2 discusses visualization, personal power, focus and specificity, tools for working magic and an overview of Hoodoo (African American rootwork tradition and practices) to add to your repertoire.

Chapter 3 might have been one of my favorites, as a Cottage witch myself cleansing and clearing the spaces in my home are second nature. There are several wonderful recipes and ideas for floor washes in this chapter, as well as listing commercially available products. The section on sprays and spritzes for pick-me-ups in the space were also quite delightful and the author throws in 2 recipes to get you started. The author touches on jinx reversing, dealing with harmful objects and visualization and energy healing. The visual cleansing of ho’oponopono is discussed a few times and I am quite excited about it.

At the end of ALL the Chapters there is A sub-section for those learning Shamanic Journeying I haven’t tried it yet but plan to soon. There are several questions set up and a small section to help navigate through your journey.

I found this book to be very helpful and couldn’t wait to keep going. Chapter 4 discusses Protection after cleansing a very important step in my opinion. The author lists several herbs and again the Hoodoo and folk magic, rootwork is seen and used.

There is a small section discussing, talismans, amulets, and wards there are several simple examples and uses named, so that was fun.

Chapter 5 discussed Haunted spaces. The chapter was respectful as it discussed the restless and wandering. It discusses ghosts, helping spirits, and ancestral ties. Ghost traps, protections, and dealing with trickster spirits is gone over and several floor washes were suggested.

Chapter 6/7 discuss the Spirits of a place weather it is a home, backyard, office space, etc. Followed by tools to use to diagnose a space. I really enjoy the Felt Sense Exercise” on pg.84. Pendulum, divination, and tarot are discussed as well as Shamanic Journeying, in which the book has gone over and explored quite nicely throughout the book.

Closing Chapter titled Saints, Angels, and Patron Spirits was a helpful guide to those who can help cleanse and protect the home and office alike.

Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely! It was helpful, informative, easy to follow and of course colorful with all its lovely illustrations is always a plus.



About the Author:

Hello Lovelies, my name is Lizzie, I’m a short, hot tempered, Pink haired, scatterbrain with 2 boys, a husband of 10 years who is absolutely amazing, 3 pups, and a cat who I cant figure out if she’s my familiar or just a sassy brat who decided to make me her person. I love reading, writing, knitting, and 420. I’m a big seeker of knowledge and love to learn about other cultures and traditions. I began my studies on religions, faiths, history and cultures when I was 12 years old and have been fascinated ever since. That interest on the world developed a drive in me to travel and I have been quite the gypsy in my short years on Earth, having been to more than 30 States, and Mexico learning and studying this crazy thing we call life. I have since settled down in the beautiful California desert to tend to my hearth and home and have considered myself a cottage witch for about 2 years now. Now my days are filled with educating young minds, binge reading, writing and trying to keep my windowsill plants alive.