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Book Review – Taurus: A Hearse of a Different Color by Aephera Giron

Book Review


A Hearse of a Different Color

by Sèphera Giron

296 Pages



This book review is for Taurus A Hearse of a Different Color by Sèphera Giron.  It is from the Witch upon A Star series. There are 5 books to this series and this is book 5. Don’t worry you don’t have to read them in order. Each series is written about a coven member so it really doesn’t have to be read in order. I’ll list the serious below with her other books, too.

This is a very well written witchy romance about a witch named Dorothy. It takes place in a magickal fictional New England town, Hermana, Massachusetts. It was Dorothy’s birthday and the coven made a love spell for her as they do each member on their birthdays. Did Dorothy find love? I really can’t tell you since my reviews are not spoilers. Dorothy’s favorite tv show comes to town along with her favorite sexy actor. Oh what shall she do? There is so much going on in this book from magick, love, ghosts, mermaids, magickal plants and so much more. I couldn’t put the book down. I finished this book in just two days. I haven’t read any of her other books in this series actually it’s my first book by Sephera Giron and it’s definitely not my last. I want to read them all now and honestly cant wait.

About Aephera Giron

Sèphera Girón has over twenty traditionally published books under various names. Her main love is horror and most of her work embraces themes of the occult, metaphysical, erotica, and suspense.

As a freelance editor for over ten years, Sèphera has helped hundreds of authors put their best words forward. She feels lucky that she not only can write for a living but she can help others write for a living as well.

In recent years, Sèphera has enjoyed paranormal investigations from as near as Casa Loma in Toronto to the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River and a haunted mansion in California. Her most recent trip took her to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the place that inspired The Overlook in The Shining by Stephen King. Some of her adventures inspired a few of her own books and stories. Sèphera lives in Toronto.


List of Sephera Giron Books:

Witch Upon a Star Series

Capricorn Cursed 2016 Book 1

Aquarius Haunted Heart 2016 Book 2

Pisces Teachers Pet 2016 Book 3

Aries Swinging Into Spring 2011 Book 4

Taurus: A Hearse of a Different Color 2019 Book 5


Other Books:

Book of Dead Things 1999

Eternal Sunset 2000

House of Pain 2001

The Birds and the Bees 2002

Borrowed Flesh 2004

Mistress of the Dark 2005

Kama Sutra Seductions Set 2007

Hungarian Rhapsody 2007

Sagittarius: Open Heart, Open Mind 2009

No One Listens 2011

Release 2011

The Narcissist’s BLT 2011

The Witch’s Field 2012

Weird Tales of Terror 2013

High Stakes a Vampire Anthology 2013

Write a Book Publish a Book 2013

Captured Souls 2014

Flesh Failure 2014

Kama Sutra 2014

Kama Sutra Mini Book 2015

Experiments in Terror 2015

A Penny Saved 2015

Intersections Six Tales of Ouija Horror 2016

Abandon 13 Tales of Impulse, Betrayal, Surrender and Withdraw 2018




About the Author:

Sarah Mascorro AKA Pixie Witch. I’m 45 years young and have been married to my soul mate for 28 plus year. We have 2 boys and live in good ole California. I was actually born in England but came to the states when I was 5.

I’m Pagan/Wiccan and have been practicing over 10 years now. I always knew I was different but didn’t figure it out till 2008, that’s when I came out of the broom closet. I’m a Witch and I’m proud of it. When I say different I mean I just didn’t fit in with what others did or believed in. I’m sure you all totally understand that feeling. Now I know though I’m not different, I’m me and there are so many others like me.

I hold rituals at my house with my circle for each Sabbat and we do a lot of witch crafts together. I love to do all types of crafts not just witchy like I make dream catchers, wood burn, make soaps and bath salts. I love to cross stitch and make latch hook rugs. I have a small page on Facebook that I sell my goodies. You can FIND THEM HERE at Pixiewitchcorner.

I love to cook and bake. My mother was a great cook & I picked up her talent. I love to make my own fun recipes and add some magick to them. I mean cooking is magickal right so why not add a little extra to it. I started a Kitchen Witch Group on Facebook over 4 years ago. If your on FB come check it out.

I love to spend my time with my hubby & boys. We love to be out in nature especially the beach & the forest. I belong in the forest, I guess all pixie’s do hee hee. My friends call me Pixie due to my size I’m 5’1 and barely 100 pounds with really long red and silver hair hee hee.

I collect stones like hag stones, labradorite, amethysts, quartz etc… I also collect witch statues, Goddess statues, owls, crows and the Moon. Oh & sea glass I cant forget that. Do tattoos count? If so I have over a 100 of them I’m about 80% covered.

Another hobby is photography. I love taking pictures of nature such as flowers, animals, trees, mountains, the ocean and my favorite of all the Moon.

I love to unwind two ways one is with a great book, usually witchy or paranormal ones catch my attention the most. I do read & research a lot about the human body and diseases due to my families rare health issues. The other is going outside under the stars and Moon. What a great way to end the day looking up at the dark beautiful sky.

That’s pretty much it, you see what you get hee hee. You either love me or hate me. Hopefully you all will love me haha.