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Love/Relationship Tarot Spread

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship with someone for a while or even something new, we want to see how things are going. Maybe look at it from another perceptive or see how things truly are. See how to fix problems if they arise or work things out.

We always need a little insight to seeing how to grow as a family or strengthen the bond as a couple. Having a positive attitude, open heart, and communication can solve any issue with love.

Be open to insight for guidance from any Goddess or God of love. Here are a few.


GODDESS: Aphrodite, Freya,

GOD: Eros/Cupid, Angus


They can offer insight. Be open and honest, let them know what you need. Oh, don’t forget to give offerings for their help and support!

May The Goddesses and Gods of love help you find your true potential in love. Goddess bless.



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