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Preparing a Moon Alter and a Ritual for Releasing Negative Energy Book Excerpt From ‘The Moon Fix by Theresa Cheung’

Book Excerpt From The Moon Fix by Theresa Cheung’


Preparing a Moon Alter and a Ritual for Releasing Negative Energy


Lunar Preparations

In The Moon Fix, you will find a series of moon fixes: rituals, spells, recipes and meditations you can perform. Location matters, and getting your moon fix outside, preferably at night, when the moon is in her element, is beneficial. You should always make sure you are in a safe, well-lit area. However, for many reasons being outdoors may not be possible: there are still many ways to align with the moon indoors or during the day.

When working indoors, it helps if you have a window that you can see the moon from but, if not, you can use a picture of the moon, which can also inspire. There are plenty of sumptuous pictures to choose from in The Moon Fix. If you do decide to work with the moon outdoors, your garden can be a good place, as can a local park, beach or woods. Be aware that other people may find what you are doing unusual, so only go to local areas where you feel safe and protected.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, aim to be alone. Before you begin, remove distractions. Shut off your phone. Sit quietly. Shake your hands to release any negativity. You may want to play relaxing music. A minivisualization, in which you imagine your body surrounded by protective moonlight, or a mini-meditation, where you simply observe but don’t engage with your thoughts and focus your attention on your breath, can also help bring moonlight into your mind. Do whatever feels right for you to set the scene.

Once you have completed your moon ritual, take as long as you need to readjust. If you are using candles, extinguish them and then do a big stretch to help you return to the present.


Moon Altar

A moon altar is a place to quietly reflect, meditate, pray to the moon, set your intentions and hear the moon’s answers. It is also the place to store any items you may choose to use to enhance your moon work. Creating a moon altar is highly recommended for when you perform your moon fixes, but it is not essential.


Make Your Altar

Your moon altar doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Here are a few ideas for what to use:

Decorate a cardboard box – a great benefit of this is that it is portable, and also offers space to store your tools.

A small table, a bookshelf or a corner of the room will also suffice if you want a permanent location.

Build and carve your own altar out of wood or other natural materials. Avoid metal and plastic as much as possible.


Place Your Altar

Placing your altar to face a certain direction will enhance your moon work by tuning in to the vibrations of that direction.


DIRECTION              ELEMENT                   USE FOR

North                        Earth                          Health, healing, communicating with spiritual powers

East                           Air                              New beginnings

South                        Fire                            Love, relationships

West                         Water                        Forgiveness, letting go, self-confidence


Release Negative Energy

It’s time to purge things in your life that are damaging your chances of success, health and happiness, such as an unhealthy diet, alcohol, smoking, toxic relationships or anxiety. This moon ritual can help you release negativity and protect yourself from self-sabotaging behavior.

FOR BEST RESULTS The full moon offers the perfect opportunity to do a life detox.



Moon altar

Jug of water

Pieces of paper


White candle


Fireproof plate



1 When the moon is full sit beside your moon altar with a filled jug of water.

2 Write down on small pieces of paper negative things or people you want to release from your life or negative things you need protecting from.

3 Light a candle.

4 Take one piece of paper and read it aloud. Reflect on what this person or thing you want to release has taught you about yourself. Remind yourself that failure, disappointment and making mistakes are all lessons that can help you learn and grow and evolve into a higher version of yourself.

5 Then dip the piece of paper into the candle gently so it starts to burn. Put it on the fireproof plate and watch it crumple and burn. Once it is in ashes, say ‘Banished’ or ‘Be Gone’. Pour water over the ashes.

6 Repeat with the other pieces of paper.

7 When you are finished, give thanks to the full moon for her healing wisdom and safely extinguish your candle.


Excerpted from The Moon Fix: Harness Lunar Power for Healing and Happiness by Theresa Cheung, published by White Lion Publishing, an imprint of The Quarto Group. Learn more at