Book Review – The Wonder of Unicorns: Ascending with the Higher Angelic Realms by Diana Cooper

Book Review

The Wonder of Unicorns

Ascending with the Higher Angelic Realms

by Diana Cooper

240 Pages



The first two pictures in this book have an eagle and a unicorn in them. To me, this was a universal signal that I was meant to review this book. Because these two symbols, the eagle and the unicorn represent the business that me and my husband run.

Ms. Cooper works a lot of with Angels and Mother Mary or the Christ Consciousness. I do not work with any of those energies, I do appreciate that there are those out there that do. If you are a person who works with these energies, I recommend this book to you, especially if you connect to unicorns. But even those who follow a different spirituality can find some beauty and usefulness in the meditations Ms. Cooper has presented in this book.

The author talks about unicorns being ascended horses. And that their horn is the chakra of enlightenment seen as a light or energy spiraling out of their third eye. Ms. Cooper also talks about the home of horses/unicorns being that of Lakumay. The author says this is an ascended star near this constellation of Sirius, which is beyond the frequency that we can see. Ms. Cooper also states other creatures come from the planet Sirius, including dolphins.

At one point, Ms. Cooper discusses how victims feel powerless and seek someone to rescue and look after them. And unicorns will never work with this victimhood consciousness. I do not think that I agree with that. I believe that unicorns can help heal that state of being. At another point in this book, The Wonder of Unicorns, the author states that unicorns are like a finely tuned instrument. I understand what she is saying and that they can sense energies that humans can’t. But to compare them to a human-made tool is something that I feel beings of light would find insulting.

I did use the website Snopes for research on the elephants in Phuket, Thailand, on December 26, 2004. The story that Ms. Cooper shares in the book is false. I had never heard of this incident, so I decided to do some research. I found that the elephants did not do half the things that this story says that they did. I think it would have been amazing if they would have done anything that they were credited doing.

I wish Ms. Cooper could have done one section at the end of the book with all the meditations. Instead of intermingling the rituals and meditations throughout the book. Because after a while, the first four steps of the meditation become repetitive.

Overall, if you want to book on unicorns and meditations to meet them, I recommend this book. I enjoyed all the stories Ms. Cooper shared from the different seminars that she has given. All the stories that people shared with her about their encounters with Unicorns were interesting also.


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About the Author:

Dawn Borries is a prolific reader, having 3 books going at any given time. Dawn uses Tarot cards, Intuitive insights, and Numerology in her sessions with clients. She is also an Ordained Minister, Reiki and La Ho Chi Practitioner and Master. She is a certified EFT and TFT Counselor. Dawn calls herself a Spiritual Counselor, and Unicorn Lover. She can be found @eagleandunicorn on Facebook or @eagle_unicorn on Twitter.