Book Review – The Illustrated Herbiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals by Maia Toll

Book Review

The Illustrated Herbiary

Guidance and Rituals from

36 Bewitching Botanicals

by Maia Toll

Storey Publishing

176 Pages



I was asked to review a book on Herbs, that “seemed pretty cool”. That was the understatement of the year. This book was super fun, educational, kept herbs interesting and included rituals and oracle cards. I was beyond pleased with this book, and it was my pleasure to review.

I do not know about you, but for me, herbs have been difficult and a little tricky. I always wanted to know what to use, plants’ properties and be educated in herbology, but I found it very hard to stay interested in it. I would buy books, but would never read them in whole, and then found myself using google when I needed it, or I would purchase herbs from a fellow pagan that came with a description as to what I could use them for. (This happens WAY more than many of us practitioners want to admit!)



When this book arrived, and I opened it, instantly smiled and it gave off such a warm, positive energy. The illustrations were simple, but beautiful. I have attached some for your viewing pleasure. Each herb introduced in this herbiary, has a gorgeous illustration to represent it. It is followed by an introduction to you of the herb: What it is known for, what its magickal properties are and what its spiritual message to you is. “Sage can help you make your peace and move on.”



Then, there is a ritual for you. It is clearly identified what the ritual is, what the purpose of the ritual is, and instruction on how to perform that ritual. It is simple, educational, purposeful and complete. It tells you what you are going to gain from that ritual and what you need to complete it. It is followed by a reflection piece. In this section you gain a further understanding of what your ritual meant, it brings you closer to the herb that you used and seals your relationship with it. “Smudge” was the ritual identified and explained to you under the White Sage Herb, while the Reflection piece focused on Letting go. Everything is done beautifully and completely.

Lastly, this amazing book comes with 36 Oracle Cards. As a reader with a close relationship with Spirit, this was an added bonus for me. These cards pictures’ match the illustrations in the book which is nice, it eliminates any confusion because you can clearly see the match. It focuses on the spiritual message of the herb, BUT the book has the last section of the book gives you specific readings that you can perform, how to interrupt the reading and what to expect from the reading. I thought this was an excellent touch and really made this book unique.

From common herbs like Sage, to more unique herbs like Trillium, this book touches on a variety that keeps you interested and turning the pages. If you are looking to learn more about herbs and their spiritual connection but have had a difficult time focusing in this area, this is the book for you. If you are an avid herbalist, this piece offers a unique take on herbs and belongs in your collection. If you are just starting out and looking for a fun place to focus, this is a book for you. I am thrilled to have it as part of my collection.


The Illustrated Herbiary: Guidance and Rituals from 36 Bewitching Botanicals (Wild Wisdom) on Amazon


About the Author:

Jade Perri is the owner and founder of Embrace Your Path. Jade is an eclectic Witch, who has been practicing for more than 10 years and offers guidance on an array of topics. She specializes in the art of divination. She is an enthusiastic teacher and offers classes and certification in many different areas. She also holds a special interest in animal communication and handmade custom poppets. She is an avid reader and her passion is the fantasy and British historical fiction genres. She is also the mother of two children, and likes to spend time with her husband.