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Chakra Balancing Meals – Crown Chakra

Detox Meals

Our final chakra is the Crown chakra which represents our connection to the universe, our wisdom, and our spiritual center. Having a blocked crown chakra can show itself in a disinterest in one’s path, an inability to or disinterest in mediation or rituals, or a lack of prayer.

For the crown chakra one may choose to fast, but personally i worry about the effects of fasting long term on the metabolism. For this reason we will be covering quite a few detox recipes instead. These can be combined or used separately, but all can be used to plan a few days of detoxing. Detox meals should be small with as few calories as possible with as many nutrients as possible. This includes a diet prominent in fresh fruits and vegetables with a small selection of other foods such as low fat sauces and nuts high in oils and fats.


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The first ingredient we’ll cover is strawberries which represent fertility and abundance. Like it’s many seeds, your family has much going on in life and this delicious fruit’s energy can help bring these projects or goals to fruition in a healthy and happy manner.

Melons have long been viewed as a source of abundant love, and longevity of it, because of its comparison to an expectant mother’s belly and the endless love that offers.

Cheese has been used many different ways throughout magical history. Tyromancy is the practice of divination through cheese and was used to look into the past, present, and future.


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Dandelions are a wonderful detox herb that offers an energy boost and the most important ingredient in the coffee substitute recipe. Because of its polysaccharides dandelion helps reduce liver stress and assists in filtering out toxins from the liver. It’s also a wonderful source of vitamin C, which helps the immune system. Magically dandelion represents transformation and growth which every growing child, and still growing adult, needs for a healthy life’s journey.

Chicory is one of my favorite herbs for giving a kick to drinks such as herbal teas and especially coffee. It can be used to cultivate strength, remove obstacles, and in divination rituals. Similarly tasting is clove, which helps ward against negative energies and offers protection and cleansing, as well as emotional balance.

Spinach represents strength in both our bodies and our energies. It also represents manifestation, helping us achieve our goals through action instead of simply hoping everything turns out alright. This nutrient packed leafy green will help your family through hard times and to achieve your goals as individuals and a unit.

Parsley aids the family with protective and loving energies. As parsley is widely used as a detox herb it’s no wonder it has purification properties to help aid in cleansing spaces and chakras. Lastly parsley helps with any communication problems, which can become an overwhelming issue in a family, especially one with teens.


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Apples have long been used as powerful symbolism for strength, wisdom, and fertility. Because of its strong religious ties throughout history it’s no wonder that these properties have stood the test of time unchanged, unlike many herbs who’s perceived properties have been altered over time.

Our next herb is paprika and it acts as a magnifier for other energies, much like amethyst in crystal work. We’ll use this to give our loving and healing energies a nice kick in the pants.

While dill helps our families with its protective energies we are using it here more for its aid with emotional and mental balance. We all get a bit out of whack and stressed in our daily lives. When this builds up it can begin to show itself in physical ways, often causing pain or discomfort. Dill will aid in recovery from this, as will the earthing process of direct connection with the earth. Literally stick your feet in some dirt and you’ll feel better, that’s actual science.

Some of the stones associated with the crown chakra are Moonstone, Lapis lazuli, Labradorite, Amethyst, Selenite, and Quartz.

I always recommend a detox once a year, or during and after being sick. Also feel free to experiment with the juice recipes, there are so many combinations of fruits and vegetables that go together it would make your head spin so try and have some fun with your taste buds.

I do hope you enjoy these recipes as well as the others in this chakra healing series.




Breakfast Platter:

For this recipe we will peel and chop fruit as needed and slice or quarter the cheese unless cheese cubes were acquired. I like to make this platter on a bigger cutting board for a one dish mess, or serving dish for ease and aesthetics.


Fresh fruit such as





Yogurt of choice

Cheese of choice (I like Tillamook sharp)


Herbal tea, vegetable juice, or herbal coffee substitute


Herbal coffee substitute:

This brew you will make like an herbal tea. I like to add cream and sugar, I have found clotted cream to be the best for this, heavy cream being a close second.


1 tsp Dandelion

1 tsp Chicory

1 tsp Cocoa

1 tsp Clove

1 tsp Cinnamon


Cleansing Juices:

Juicing fruits and vegetables can be a task depending on the equipment available, but is well worth the effort. Depending on your ingredients a good juice blend can give an energy boost, an immune boost, cleanse various or all parts of the body, and improve overall body function. The following instructions are given assuming the use of an average household juicer. If you do not have this you can follow the preparation steps, blend your ingredients in a blender, and strain them through cheesecloth. I used to use a strainer from an old tea set, be creative if you have to.

To prepare these juices, first peel and chop appropriately. Carrots, ginger, beets, apple, and lemon will be peeled first. Cabbage, kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, and apple will be chopped. The ginger will be grated, and the lemon quartered by hand.

After these preparations are made either juice or blend your ingredients. After juicing you can choose to strain your juice for less pulp or not, personally I prefer to do this step for the sake of texture. 


    • Green cleansing juice:

1 cup cabbage

1 small bundle Kale

1 head romaine lettuce

1 tbsp cilantro

1 cup Spinach


    • Purple cleansing juice:

2 large carrots

1 large beet or 3 small beets

1 inch Ginger

1 red Apple

1 Lemon

1tbsp Parsley


    • Breakfast boost juice:

1 cup Pineapple

1 inch Ginger

2 large Carrots

1 tbsp Mint

1 green Apple


Vegan Ranch Recipe for Veggie Dip w/Mayo:

For this recipe well combine all our mayo ingredients in a medium size bowl and mix until you have the proper consistency. Once the mayo is created simply add the ingredients for the ranch dip and mix again until evenly dispersed.

    • Vegan Mayo:

½ cup Can chickpea juice (aquafaba)

1 ¾ cup Canola oil

2 tsp Maple syrup

3 tsp Apple cider vinegar

½ tsp Ground Mustard

Salt to taste


    • Ranch dip:

1 ½ cup Vegan mayo

? cup Soy milk unflavored

1 tsp Apple cider vinegar

¼ tsp Paprika

1 tsp Dill

1 tsp Onion powder

½ tbsp Parsley

Salt and pepper to taste


Summer Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette:

For the dressing we will combine all our ingredients into a sauce pan on low heat getting it just above room temperature, this will help speed the process. Let the oil cool then place it in a jar or other container to sit overnight, or longer if preferred. You may choose to add the walnuts to your dressing if so add them after the dressing has cooled. Wash the spinach for the salad using a veggie cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and citrus essential oil. Add the fruits, nuts, and goat cheese to the salad and enjoy with your homemade dressing.

    • Strawberry vinaigrette dressing:

8 oz Strawberries

Apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp Honey

2 tbspOlive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


    • Fruit and walnut salad:





Goat cheese


About the Author:

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.