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Spiritually Based Card Readings with The Gaelic Lenormand by Diana Clark


My interest in learning Lenormand began early on. At the age of fourteen, I began reading Lenormand cards — cards that were passed down through several generations from the German side of my family. I feel fortunate to be part of a card reading lineage – a continuation of a legacy of mystical women. Since those early days of reading, I have increased in wisdom and spiritual awareness. From where I now stand, the importance of Divine Spiritual connection deepened my ability and is immersed within my reading style.



I am based outside of Seattle Washington, with a clientele that spans the globe. I describe myself as a spiritually based card reader, incorporating my knowledge and wisdom of awakening and deepening into the higher consciousness. I am the former co-host of the Women’s Hour on Conscious Talk Radio 1150AM-KKNW, and the Sharing the Magic podcast.



As a professional cartomancer I have created The Gaelic Lenormand, reflecting my Irish/Scottish heritage. This magical 36-card fortune-telling deck is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. A booklet is enclosed. The Gaelic Lenormand companion book is sold separately. Both are available on and Stargazers Soul Gallery in Bellevue, Washington.


To book an appointment for a private phone reading, you can contact me at:

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