Book Review – Wyldwood: A Novel for the Scottish Borders (The Spiral Pathways) by Tava Baird

Book Review

A Novel for the Scottish Borders
(The Spiral Pathways)

by Tava Baird

Publisher: Self-Published

190 Pages

Release Date: May 5, 2022





“September 1746, the Scottish Borders. In a country still reeling from the Jacobite uprising, Saorsa Stuart, a practicing Celtic Witch and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s niece, has escaped imprisonment and must find her way west in search of her father and safety. Escorting her on the journey is Alexander Scott, a veteran of the Battle of Culloden who struggles with a dark supernatural secret. Part Faerie Tale, part romance, part adventure novel, and at its core the story of a young woman finding her own power. Wyldwood is a love story to the heritage of the Scottish Borders and the ancient tales of Scotland.”

Description taken from the product page (2022)

I absolutely fell in love with this story; so much so I recommended it to my book club and it is their current read. The character development has a nice steady build which gives the story a steady momentum. One of my favorite things about the book layout is that the chapters are done by date and moon phase.

Soarsa Stuart, the main character, quickly found her way into my heart. A young woman finding herself while she finds her way in the world and questioning so much of what she encounters. Her inner strength buffered by youthful determination and the strength of her connection to the craft make it a joy to follow her story.

If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted read with good characters then I highly recommend you check out Wyldwood by Tava Baird.

Irisa MacKenzie


About the Author

Tava Baird is a playwright, basket maker, archaeologist and and painter from Round Hill, Virginia. An avid folklorist and history buff, she began researching her Scottish and Irish family history and found inspiration along the way for her first novel.



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About the Author:

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