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    Planner Magic

    Planner Dice This month’s Planner Magic is a set of Planner Dice made from your planner stickers. Use your dice to choose a new activity every day, make decisions, and discover your fortune.     *** About the Author: Kristen Allison is a divination junkie, oracle deck creator, & cartomancy instructor. She created Over The Moon Academy to teach art-meets-oracle classes blending divination with her own unique brand of creativity. Academy: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/ Website: https://overthemoonmagic.weebly.com Kristen ~ Over the Moon Oracle Cards Enroll in one of my classes: https://over-the-moon-academy.teachable.com Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otm_academy/

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    Tarot Deck Review – The Mystical Dream Tarot: Life Guidance From the Depths of Our Unconscious by Dr. Janet Piedilato

    Tarot Deck Review The Mystical Dream Tarot Life Guidance From the Depths of Our Unconscious by Dr. Janet Piedilato     The Mystical Dream Tarot is created and written by Dr. Janet Piedilato with woodcutting artwork by Tom Duxbury based on Dr. Piedilato’s watercolor illustrations, published by Eddison Books Limited, Suite 322-323, 3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA. Dr. Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist and complementary healthcare consultant who holds doctorates in biology and transpersonal psychology, and has spent a lifetime studying altered states as represented by visionary, dream, and shamanic experiences. This interesting pedigree has allowed Dr. Piedilato to create a powerful and intriguing Tarot deck that offers insights…

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    Learning Lenormand

    Lenormand Decks I Would Love to Own You know how it is – after getting your first Tarot deck – usually a Rider-Waite or some deck based on the Rider-Waite symbolism – you learn enough of the symbolism and become an adept-enough reader to want to stretch out – get a different deck and see how well you can read those cards. I remember that the second deck of Tarot cards I got for myself was the Motherpeace deck and that was quite a change from the traditional Rider-Waite cards I had been reading! After that, I just wanted to collect all the decks I could. More than that, I…

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    Goddess Brigid Tarot Spread

    BRIGID, BRIGIT, BRIDE. Celtic Goddess of the sacred flame, poetry, healing, smith craft. Triple goddess, we honor her with this tarot spread. She has so much to offer with healing & inspiration to invite within your life. You can use this spread anytime in month of February or whenever to contact The Goddess Brigid Don’t forget to leave her offerings of: blackberries, coins, ale, candlelight, food, baked goods or grass for her cow, as a sign of respect for asking for any of her blessings within your life. This Spread can be used for Tarot, Oracle cards, even crystal readings or Runes as well.     *** About the Author:…

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    Looking for Love Tarot Spread

    In this modern age any tech savvy person can look up dating sites on an app and meet singles close by. I offer this tarot spread for those wanting to have a good look within to see what their heart truly desires in their love life. Everyone is deserving of finding love. Look to the Goddess Aphrodite, or Eros/ Cupid, to help find your special loved one, and maybe your true soulmate. May the Goddess or God Help you find your true Love. Goddess bless.     *** About the Author: Norma Clark I’m Wiccan, My style follows my spiritual path, and what comes to mind.. I live in a…

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    Book Review – The Hidden Meaning of Birds: A Spiritual Field Guide Explore the Symbology and Significance of These Divine Winged Messengers by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

    Book Review The Hidden Meaning of Birds A Spiritual Field Guide Explore the Symbology and Significance of These Divine Winged Messengers by Arin Murphy-Hiscock 240 Pages When first seeing this book, I was instantly reminded of my many Peterson’s Field Guide books to birds of various locations. Like the reliable Peterson’s series, The Hidden Meaning of Birds provides illustrations, physical descriptions, preferred environments and habitat ranges for over 50 birds from around the world. It also invites us to connect with birds as divinatory messengers, opening us up to another layer of relationship with them. I have watched birds as message bringers for a long time. I’ve gone on omen…

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    19-Days of Illuminated Darkness Course Offering

    19-Days of Illuminated Darkness Winter Solstice 2019 December 21st @ 11:19p.m. (EST)     Join me, once again, as we count down to the Winter Solstice and “19- Days of Illuminated Darkness”. What was begun as the veils of Samhain parted and the Witch’s New Year turned another cycle of the Great Wheel, continues as we welcome the Winter Solstice and the burgeoning of the Solar Light! Topics will include: … The deeper meaning of the Sabbat, consciousness, honoring and fueling the spark of the Divine within and more. And, a few bonus posts with new writings and experiences to enjoy. The countdown begins on Tuesday, December 3rd as the…