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Book Review – My Pocket Chakra Healing: Anytime Exercises to Unblock, Balance, and Strengthen Your Chakras by Heidi E. Spear

Book Review

My Pocket Chakra Healing

Anytime Exercises to Unblock, Balance, and Strengthen Your Chakras

by Heidi E. Spear

176 Pages



This handbook by Heidi Spear is an in-depth presentation of chakras, no previous knowledge necessary. She describes what chakras are, teaches how to recognize if each is in balance, and what to do when they are not.

The experience of chakra healing is creative, magical, surprising, restorative, and cleansing,” she writes, promising if readers take the time to heal their chakras, they can alleviate suffering, improve relationships, provide joy, de-stress, illuminate your life’s path and bring about overall well-being. The process gives “the ultimate potential for health, happiness, and creating the life you want to lead. You will experience ease, joy, and unexpected miracles.”

Chapters describe the chakras healing powers, the correspondences and issues related to each, and the benefits of each when they are unblocked and balanced. Anxiety, adapting to change, creating financial abundance, addictions, depression, anger, exhaustion and more are all addressed.

Bringing chakras into balance doesn’t need to be complicated, and there are many options among. Using crystals, aromatherapy, Reiki, yoga, breath work, meditation and color therapy are among the methods covered, and Spear offers a variety of exercises that can be used for each – more than 50 in all.

For instance, working with your root chakra can take the form of the Happy Baby Pose followed by the Buddha Konasana Pose with visualizations, wearing red clothing, connecting with a bloodstone held in your nondominant hand and using patchouli, myrrh or cedarwood essential oils.

The book’s final chapter explains how to combine chakra healing with the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals. It is followed by a glossary of terms and an index.

The book’s size – roughly five inches by seven inches – makes it easy to attend to issues when and where they arise. A stretchy piece of elastic keeps it closed or marks your page. It’s a handbook to holistic healing that is sure to have some positive results.

About the Author

Heidi E. Spear, MA, ABD, is an author and teacher who leads workshops on creative expression, yoga, meditation, energy healing, stress relief, the yoga of Shakespeare, and the law of attraction. She has graduate degrees in comparative literature and the arts from Washington University in St. Louis and New York University. Her meditation CD, Universe, is available on iTunes. You can visit her website at

**NOTE: The first three reviews it got on Amazon were all 5s.




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