Music Review – Half Tongue Tribe’s Debut Album ‘All Acts of Joy’!!

Half Tongue Tribe is the Spell Between Worlds

Are you looking for new music? New music with a Witchy edge? Well – here you are. David LeBarron has a great new band called Half Tongue Tribe with an upcoming album ‘All Acts of Joy’ and it’s all about Witchcraft and Wicca and Goddess-love and freedom. For those of us who are older and who remember bands the revered the old gods – whether they were local bands or more regional – Half Tongue Tribe brings back a lot of memories.

Half Tongue Tribe – come from Los Angeles, California, and the main writer of the songs is David LeBarron and it’s his voice that you hear on the songs. But, Dan Graul is the lead guitarist and you also hear his voice on the songs – listen closely, because the two voices will interweave beautifully. Will Norris plays bass and Lee Harcourt does the percussion. Rebecca Graul and Shanna Beauchamp do the background singing, cackling, and conjuring.

They’re calling it an album but it’s actually an EP but who the fuck cares? There’s five good cuts and they are all excellent. I’m an old babe – I’ll be sixty in May – my attitude is if I can’t dance to it or sing along to it or meditate to it, it has no value whatsoever – but every single one of these songs are great.

If they have five good tunes, they must have twenty-five more, amirite? Ya know? I would love to hear their other tunes! Even if it’s covers! Damn, if they ever come to Buffalo, I’ll be taking a nap and staying up way past my bedtime to see them at whatever nightclub they’re playing at – cuz I don’t go out to see band anymore – but I will make an exception for Half Tongue Tribe – they are that good –and I really want to hear what other tunes they play. And I want to dance to them!

Mama Death” is kind of beautiful chant you can use in your own ritual and it’s the perfect opening to the album. I love how all the voices blend together. And I love the little bells! It’s so pagan! It’s so perfect!

Henri Roussseau” is one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life! It’s so funny! It made me think of the tunes of a band I used to hang with back in 1979 – I’m not going to get into that here – but wow, great memories. To make me think of my old punk days – that’s something.

Missionary Man” is a cover and it rocks! It’s totally dancdeable and that’s THE one thing I look for in a song – other than “can I sing this song” – because I totally love to dance. And I bet “Missionary Man” really rocks in a club.

“Swordfish” was great poetry – I loved it – but it stopped playing halfway through the song. I tried to get it to play several times but it wouldn’t work. It kept cutting out at 1:31 minutes. Maybe the Mercury Retrograde had something to do with that. I’ll try again after Mercury goes direct. I really want to hear the entire song. Here’s the beginning of the song:

“The sun will be high because it will eat an edible

The sky will be blue because it doesn’t like to share”

I had to laugh about the sun being high about eating an edible … that’s so twenty-first century. I mean, back in my day, it would have been about dropping acid or something like that. And the fact that the sky doesn’t want to share. I mean – we all shared everything back in the day. But things change.

Another great song is “Choose Your Path”. Totally pagan in concept, it has the folk-rock sound of the late sixties that an old babe like me totally loves. I would love to dance in spirals in the sunshine to this tune! At a pagan festival, ya know? Hearing it just brought the image of people dancing in multicolored clothes with smiles that just won’t quit. It’s that kind of song.

Here is a video teaser for video teaser for ‘Forging Our Circle’ so you can have a taste:

If you are interested in purchasing the album ‘All Acts of Joy’ you can do so on their Bandcamp here:


This is the link to their official website where you can hear more of their music, see videos, and request a show in your area:


This is them on Instagram:


And of course you can always check out their facebook:

The album will be released on the Spring Equinox so look for it wherever you buy new music!

Brightest Blessings!


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