Book Review – Magickal Mermaids & Water Creatures by D.J. Conway

Book Review

Magickal Mermaids & Water Creatures

by D.J. Conway

192 Pages


As an author of dozens of books, D.J. Conway, who passed away in 2019, is well known to many of us who walk the Pagan path. The wisdom and knowledge in her books has guided many of us. “Magickal Mermaids & Water Creatures” is no different.

Many of us are enchanted and identify with creatures of the deep, but most, especially mermaids, myself included.

Ms. Conway starts with the basics: what are they and what are their secret powers – and powers they have!! The author introduces us to all manner of waterfolk, not just those that live in the ocean, but of rivers, streams, even waterfolk of the desert, which is fascinating when one thinks about it, as well as those mere-folk who live in lakes, which she describes on such being as the Lady of the Lake in King Arthur’s time.

I would have assumed that they have a connection to fairies, but Ms. Conway also tells us of their connection to dragons.

She goes on to talk of which water creatures are dangerous or deadly and all about water magic.

I love that Ms. Conway chose to speak of mermaids and meeting them as if it were something that happens all the time. She combines old tales and legends, which are abundant, plus her own personal experiences.

Mermaids have much to teach us but we, as humans, do not take the time to really open our eyes or ears to the life around us and so we lose out on valuable information.

Ms. Conway relates legends from ancient Babylonia to every continent and every time period. She tells of selkies and sea Pegasus, to more ordinary tales of dolphins and octopus that work with the mere-folk.

The author teaches methods in combining the other elements, such as earth, with water magic. There are quite a few water spells here, along with information on meditation and visualization which is necessary when working with mermaids.

There is one very basic section on the correspondences, i.e. colors, herbs, incense, oils and stones/crystals.

She concludes the book with the admonition to stay away from the dark magics, and it is not to be blamed on karma if you do not heed the warning.

I don’t know if it is just because I have an affinity, and belief, in mermaids personally, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Priestess, Healer, Witch, Writer, and Teacher.

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