Book Review – Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch by Oracle Hekataios

Book Review

Strix Craft

Ancient Greek Magic

for the Modern Witch

by Oracle Hekataios

Llewellyn Publications

310 Pages



I am the first to admit that I don’t know much about the different paths of Witchcraft or Wicca. I am eclectic; in that, I do what the Deities ask me to do. But they don’t require that I follow a specific layout in my worship. Strix Craft helped me understand why some people follow particular standards in their worship of the God/dess they work with and worship.

In chapter one, the author, Oracle Hekataios, goes into detail about the different magics practiced and taught in Ancient Greece, especially in Thessaly. Oracle Hekataios says that the magic in Strix Craft originates from Thessaly.

In Chapter 2, the author talks about “Drawing down the Moon.” The author states that Thessaly’s witches would tell outsiders that drawing down the moon could cause a witch to lose a limb or a family member. Oracle Hekataios states this may have been to keep prying eyes out of the witch’s business. In the chapter’s summary, the author says that “Drawing down the moon” is dangerous. * I admit it took a bit of thinking on why the author made this statement. The only thing that I could come up with some people who are either mentally unwell should not do this without proper training and other supports in place. Someone on an ego power trip can use this to be hurtful to others they see as inferior to them. (* Is my opinion on the statements made by Oracle Hekataios)

I did have a few questions that I wanted to speak with the author about, so I reached out, and he was gracious enough to allow me a phone interview on very short notice. I want to Thank Oracle Hekataios for that opportunity publicly. I appreciate you and your willingness to answer questions.

I had questions about the book’s formatting. All the God/dess names are capitalized, but the words goddess and god were not. Not even when referring to a specific goddess. The Publisher decided this is best. While this one thing does kind of bristle my hair, I understood.

Oracle Hekataios states in Strix Craft on page 174 Strix develops their power through knowing that they are children of Hekate and a manifestation of the god Nyx: god herself. I do not have a working relationship with Nyx, even though I do a prayer at night to the Goddess Nyx. I had not ever heard the creation story of Nyx and her creation of the universe.

I like this book, and it has opened my eyes to a craft I am interested in studying. 

In my interview with the author, Oracle Hekataios did tell me that he has taught between 20 and 30 students already and has a living temple where students can learn. Right now, due to Coronavirus, the temple is closed to new students, but they are still in touch online.


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About the Author:

Dawn Borries is a prolific reader, having 3 books going at any given time. Dawn uses Tarot cards, Intuitive insights, and Numerology in her sessions with clients. She is also an Ordained Minister, Reiki and La Ho Chi Practitioner and Master. She is a certified EFT and TFT Counselor. Dawn calls herself a Spiritual Counselor, and Unicorn Lover. She can be found @eagleandunicorn on Facebook or @eagle_unicorn on Twitter.