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Familiars & Crystal Magic

I have two cats and one dog. My dog is my baby, but I didn’t get along with my cats until roughly a year ago when I began to better understand them. I believed cats were rude, loud and did whatever they wanted, basically teenagers. My current two were exceedingly unpleasant and wanton compared to most I have encountered. If they didn’t get their way they would potty all over the house out of spite, and were constantly under my feet tripping me and constantly yelling. Being accustomed to dogs made their behavior seem irritating and unruly. Finally I started paying attention beyond asking myself if they needed food or if their litter box was clean. I noticed they had patterns that I wasn’t recognizing because I wasn’t tuning into their energy, nor my own in the situations. Once I changed my perspective it all fell into place. I understood that cats have a purpose, a job if you will.

My orange carpet of a cat Buddy is a healer. He wasn’t just all over me because he demanded attention but to help keep me healthy and calm. When cats purr they excite the molecules in their body and speed up healing. I noticed when I came home not feeling so great or was sick there he’d be right on top of the source of my woes purring his little heart out, eyes closed with a small smile on his face.

My Grey cat Cicero, a.k.a Fluff was similar but, in the beginning, much more aggravating until I figured out his niche. He was always walking between my legs, following everywhere and whining loudly constantly. It would start off as cute and welcoming after a long day at work but after thirty minutes not so much. Again this was until I figured out his purpose. Fluff is grounding. He only follows and whines until I hold him and love him then he’s fine, and I am much more grounded and relaxed thanks to the encounter. He would also lay in my lap anytime I meditated in his presence.

To add to this I realized that my familiars all had similar energies to the stones I work with. I have multiple stones on my person at all times and keep them scattered around wherever they tell me they should go. I even put a Metatron’s Cube into the foundation of the bus we’re converting. I have a passion for crystal work and connect with them. So when I noticed the correlation I just had to delve deeper, by meditating with my pack and focusing more on their energies.

Fluff is like holding a hematite or black tourmaline. If he senses you are not grounded or are stressed he will live in your lap or arms and when he leaves you will be relaxed and connected to the energies around you.

Buddy is like channeling a loving, healing earth stone with a hint of ancient wisdom such as serpentine or septarian. Cuddling with him is like taking a dip in a nice hot spring or meditating deeply for hours, his purr a metronome for your heart.

My lab Idun is the embodiment of her namesake. Beautiful and matronly she carries the energies of moonstone or danburite. She has always longed to be a mother, a caregiver and a healer. She treats all animals as her children; except squirrels, she’s at war with them.

My parents cat just wants to love everyone and everything with a hint of caution shown by her social distancing. She doesn’t like to be held or get too close but wants all the love and good vibes she can get. She exudes rose quartz energy like a nuclear reactor And I love being around her.

Understanding your familiar’s energy increases their role in your life and your practice. You can grow closer to them on every level and they can assist you better with your acceptance and understanding of their role in your life. If I want to do a healing and protection spell for someone I care for deeply i would use my lab and some moonstone. Whenever I need grounding I grab Fluff and some hematite, obsidian, or onyx. If I need to heal I cuddle up with Buddy along with chlorite phantom quartz or atlantisite.

I no longer find Egyptians absurd for holding these loving and purposeful creatures in such high regard. Now that I pay attention and understand my familiar’s energy my relationship with my familiars has grown. Watch your animals and their habits. Do they demand your attention when you’re feeling sick, depressed, or overjoyed? Do they purr loudly or very softly? What stone feels the closest to their energy? Discover this and you’ll find yourself in an almost symbiotic spiritual relationship with your familiar.

Try this exercise to help learn your familiar’s energy:

First pay attention to your familiar and their habits. What does their energy feel like when they demand attention most? What is yours like? Do they demand attention when you get home from work more so than the store? Before bed? After they’ve been fed? Do this for a few days to a few weeks. The longer the better.

Once you have an idea of what they need or need to do, based equally on your energy and theirs, try working with stones that best represent the purpose they might have or feel the same as their energy. This may take some time depending on your connection with your familiar and how often you work with crystals.

Finally once you have a few stones picked out, meditate once more with both the familiar and the stones, selecting the one or two that best feels like and represent your animal.

I hope this helps you grow closer to your familiar and allows them to better help you and your practice as mine do with me.


About the Author:

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.

Theron Baker is a kitchen witch who connects most to the earth and enjoys foraging for ingredients and being in nature as well as his kitchen.