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Book Review – Witches and Wizards: The Real-life Stories Behind the Occult’s Greatest Legends by Lucy Cavendish

Book Review

Witches and Wizards

The Real-life Stories Behind the Occult’s Greatest Legends

by Lucy Cavendish

178 pages



I cannot begin to tell you just how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I read it from cover to back in one sttiing in an afternoon. I was captivated and enchanted by these stories.

The book is beautiful. It is a hard bound book with a ribbon for a bookmark (so helpful, don’t you wish every book had this feature?). It is illustrated with images from Flickr, Shutterstock and Lucy Cavendish. The images help the characters come to life.

The beginning chapter is devoted to Merlin, the well-known wizard of the Dark Ages. The Burning Times in Europe from 1400 to 1500 is next to be discussed. This was the first wave of burning men, women and children who did not fit into the standards of their society and century.

The tale of the Witch Hunter General who lead a three-year reign of terror accusing multitudes of witchcraft and the bringer of death to those accused. Doctor John Dee, the creator of Enochian Magic; who is a fascinating character in the history of the supernatural. The story of Salem, Massachusetts and the sadness that ensued in the panic when the burning times arrived in America. The fascinating life and practices of Aleister Crowley. Lastly, are the legends of witchcraft in the modern world. This chapter recalls the story of Doreen Valiente who is considered the Mother of Modern Witchcraft. Other modern day occult connected names are listed in the last chapter.

In addition to each chapter’s focus, there are additional stories and information that can be found in the shaded sections. This provides greater information about topics related to the occult.

Overall, this is a fun read, one you will enjoy for the purpose of learning about the history of the supernatural.



About the Author:

Tammy Andrews is a beginner in the area of all matters related to Wicca and witchcraft. She is interested in many areas of natural spiritual practice including the use of incense and oils, pendulum divination, oracle cards, and crystals. She is Reiki I certified with plans to obtain further Reiki levels. With her love of learning and reading, she is excited to join PaganPagesOrg as a book reviewer. Tammy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker employed in a community agency that provides counseling and case management services to clients who live with serious mental illnesses and addiction issues. The power of human survival and resilience never ceases to amaze her. She views social work as her passion and life calling. Tammy resides in CT with her husband, who is her greatest supporter, her cat and her dogs. She has enjoyed the opportunity to assist in the nurturing of her step-son to become a prospering young adult.

Tammy and her husband spend many Summer weekends at their cabin in VT where she loves the opportunity to renew her spirit in the peace and solitude of the trees. You can contact Tammy via email at [email protected]