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Book Review – Daily Oracle: Seek Answers from Your Higher Self by Jerico Mandybur

Book Review

Daily Oracle

Seek Answers from Your Higher Self

byJerico Mandybur

368 Pages



I was blessed to receive a copy of the book “Daily Oracle” by Jerico Mandybur to read and try out. This hardback book was illustrated by Jenny My Duvet. Published in 2019 by Hardie Grant Books. There are 368 pages but the pages aren’t numbered. It’s a very thick, meaty little book. The pages are all in black and white and it has a very cohesive look. The illustrations are minimal but very beautifully done. I enjoy the overall aesthetic of this book.



This is a book yes…but it’s really an Oracle. It’s an Oracle in the format of a book instead of a deck of cards. This is quite genius! Instead of grabbing a deck and shuffling, then drawing a card/cards, you simply hold this book closed next to your heart, focus on your question, and then run your finger along the page edges until you feel you are at the right page. Then open to receive your message.



Very fast and easy, and I find very convenient to start my day with a quick message from this book. This is how the author intended for it to be used, it’s called “Daily Oracle” after all, but you can use this book however you feel called to use it.



The messages contained within are very thought provoking and uplifting. I found I got very appropriate messages to the questions I posed each day.



As someone that has worked with Oracle cards, Tarot cards and runes for many many years, this process was very comfortable and familiar to me. But I see a huge audience out there of people that maybe have never worked with Oracle Cards before and are looking for an easy way to try incorporating it into their routine. This is a very beginner friendly way to start working with an Oracle. Great for those who for some reason have an aversion to working with cards, this offers a unique way to receive messages and guidance.



Overall I highly recommend this little gem. It’s a beautiful tool to use daily to get both answers and messages you need to hear. It’s a great Oracle book!! I will continue to work with it.





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