Book Review – Homegrown Tea: An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes by Cassie Liversidge

Book Review

Homegrown Tea

An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes

by Cassie Liversidge

288 Pages


This book is AMAZING!!!!! The book is filled with Beautiful and bright colored illustrations, and a total of 288 pages broken into parts: leaves, seeds, fruit, and flowers. There is a Brief but thorough introduction in how tea came to be, proper teapot usage, different tea bags and how they were developed.

The beginning chapter talks about leaves and has beautiful artwork that goes over how to process tea at home, how to grow tea leaves and it has bright photo examples. The information background directions for planting and tips along with photos are perfect. In this part the author gives 23 different types of leaves to work with, so you will definitely find something right for your garden, it is so awesome of the author. She gives multiple names, and uses, for the various leaves, both for cooking and tea making. I love the brief history overview.

There’s a lot of beautiful photography included to help show what to do in the grow and harvest stage.

I loved the tips and warnings such as “do not take lemon balm in place of consulting a doctor or medical practitioner lemon balm should not be used as if you are on a sedative or thyroid medication.” These are important things to know and are very helpful. I’m glad they were included.

Each plant starts with a beautiful illustration, the name of the plant the name of the plant in Latin, a brief history overview of medicinal benefit, how to grow, how to harvest and how to make a tea.

The book is a wonderful way to learn how to use leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, and roots. Overall, I absolutely adored this book it has a lot of knowledge in it and its beautiful cover makes it such a nice book to leave out. I’m glad to have it in my library. I think everybody should have it on their shelf whether they’re just interested because they like tea, or if they plan to have a garden. If you plan to grow tea then this book is so beneficial. I look forward to finding Cassie Liversidge’s other book pasta sauce! grow your own ingredients, because now that I own one, I must own them all.

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