Book Review – You Already Know: How to Access Your Intuition and Find Your Divine Life Path by Helen Jacobs

Book Review

You Already Know

How to Access Your Intuition and Find Your Divine Life Path

by Helen Jacobs

344 Pages



I started this book just as the quarantine in the US began, so doing the exercise of creating silence and sacred space was comfortable. Easier than it would have been for me before the quarantine.

I haven’t made this many notes for a book in a long time. Since it was an e-book, I had to have my spiral notebook close by to make my notes. I always stop reading and write what I want to remember right away; otherwise, I forget too quickly things that catch my mind’s attention.

Helen Jacobs is an Oracle reader, Author among some of the many hats she wears in her life. And she has written a book where she was able to impart some sound sage advice. I know some of the subject matter has been written about in other books. But it is her wording that caught my mind’s and my soul’s attention.

I love the way Ms. Jacobs expresses her views on “Life Purpose.” Her words resonate with me. I work with the public and must field calls, where I am asked how one should go about finding their life purpose. Now, I feel that I have a complete answer to give.

Those that are just starting their Spiritual Awakening and those further along in their journey, this is book may help answer some questions. I know that I just read it all the way through without doing any of the work Ms. Jacobs presents in this book. Now I have a new basis on which to start my new journey.

I like the way this book is laid out. The Author has been careful to make it linear, even if the work that you will (hopefully do) is not linear. But if the chapters had been in any other order, it would have been confusing to follow.

I think Ms. Jacobs sharing her channeled messages from her guides is also helpful. The Author has prompts for the different kinds of work and advice she wants to impart in this book. There is “Spirit Speak,” “Choose Your Adventure,” and “Journaling Prompts.”

Ms. Jacobs was able to get permission from a few of her clients that she has read for and shares their stories. I enjoyed reading those as it shows that there is healing that can be done on a spiritual to make life a bit easier for all.

I will be spending time start doing some of the work that is presented in this book. I look forward to using the exercises to find out more about my Blueprint. I know my astrology and my numerology of my life. Now to see what I haven’t found out on my own.

I look forward to meeting more of my Spiritual Advisers and seeing what they have to share with me, which will allow me to heal and remember what I already know at my soul level.


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About the Author:

Dawn Borries is a prolific reader, having 3 books going at any given time. Dawn uses Tarot cards, Intuitive insights, and Numerology in her sessions with clients. She is also an Ordained Minister, Reiki and La Ho Chi Practitioner and Master. She is a certified EFT and TFT Counselor. Dawn calls herself a Spiritual Counselor, and Unicorn Lover. She can be found @eagleandunicorn on Facebook or @eagle_unicorn on Twitter.