Book Review- The HooDoo Tarot Workbook By- Tayannah Lee McQuillar

As someone who was born with a natural curiosity and drive to learn all there is to learn about everything, I absolutely love when a writer gives background and insight into the subject they are discussing; so it was only natural that I devoured every word of The HooDoo Tarot Workbook by Tayannah Lee Miller.

The author does a fantastic job of not only explaining The HooDoo Tarot Deck, but also giving some insight and personal knowledge on the topics. This is a fantastic way to learn more about HooDoo even if you aren’t looking to learn a new deck. Her explanations about each person, plant, and card come from what is clearly years of learning and personal experience. Her historical knowledge and research about the origins of Hoodoo and it’s place in society is well written and backed up by other sources.

The HooDoo Tarot deck is similar to many tarot decks in having 78 cards, broken up into two types, Elder cards and Family cards. In her book, the author covers not only what each card can mean when reading, she also goes into different people and plants associated with each card. She lists rituals that are often found in connection with the elder cards, as well as bible verses associated with the elder cards.

This book does state in it’s name that it is a workbook, and it is well done. With well thought out exercises in reflection to how to interview your deck, divination methods, tarot spreads, and interpreting dreams and omens, I think it is safe to say that this book has something to interest anybody! 10/10 Pentacles




About the Reviewer:

Rayleigh May is a 29 year old practitioner living in the American South. She’s an avid reader, with a particular interest in anything witchy, plants, or death. She leans towards an eclectic chaos in both her life and her practice.